...because every CBD Oil company says theirs is the best

Two LYING CBD Oil Companies busted this week
We no longer will offer the brands that fail the Colorado testes. We sent in a sealed bottle from an advertisement claiming 22% CBD content and the Colorado lab tested it at 4% CBD content. I urge people to pay the $40 the lab charges to verify any purchase.
If a brand claims a certain percent and it fails, GET YOUR MONEY BACK FAST!
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Free samples of CBD Oil. For those who want to review different brands I offer free samples. Take my quiz and I will send you samples of the top 2 or 3 brands based on your answers. I offer this for those doing a review to help my website.
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There is so much competition now since 2013 when we started. The answer is simple. We now work on a Tips-Only basis.
We will never pressure you to buy or tip. We receive no compensation on purchases. We believe that if money is given,
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I have been working on a grading scale for people that are asking how I rate my oils I use. Here it is with some explanation....

Grade AA
- Terpene Rich CBD oil - not enriched with terpenes from other types of plants and herbs
- Aroma will be super pungent from cannabis - floral smell - will have pleasant taste with no flavor enhancers - will have a lemony and piney taste and taste very earthy
- NO CRYSTALS USED - To get the truest full spectrum CBD oil, this grade does not have 99% nor is pure CBD. This is unfiltered and is not limited in its therapeutic benefits like grade B or C. This grade has the maximum terpene and cannabinoid profile. Usually up to 26% CBD concentration - Has the most cannabinoids that are not denatured.
GRADE A   -  CBD in the highest concentration. 
Exctracted from the mature stalk of the plant and then CO2 extracted.
- Company has their own farms and produces CBD in their own labs. Grade A is never from synthetics or isolates and has most of the major terpenes, cannabionoids, and essential oils and many of the low yielding ones.
- Usually up to 18% CBD concentration
- 99% to 100% Pure
- Conventionally grown hemp - crops producing non-organic oils. Decarboxylated after being pressed from the mature stalk. Usually around 12 to 16% CBD concentration
100% Pure - that's all they can claim. About 95% of the people end up with Grade C. Most natural form, pressed directly from the mature stalk of the plant and never decarboxylated.
- Lowest quality - corners are cut to extract highest amount of isolate CBD as possible. Herbicides, fertilizers, and growth hormones may be added to spurt the growth of the plant - this is not a medical grade CBD-
- Carcinogenic solvents are used (butane, hexane) that can denature terpenes and phytochemicals causing unknown side effects when consumed
- This grade of CBD may be contaminated with heavy metals or harmful bacteria in the bottle
- Butane extracted CBD will have a very foul taste that usually has flavor enhancers just for this reason. 
- Most of the CBG, CBC and CBN and the terpenes can either be denatured or filtered out in this grade.
GRADE A/AA = Very rarely is there a company that will fall into my category A. This is really the best of the best. In this category, ALL of the cbd oils will be summer farm grown. Their commitment to quality is so high that they do not even use herbicides or any growth hormones. Right now there are only two company that I know of that is in this category. To be in this category ALL of the CBD oils the companies carry not be enriched with any added terpenes to raise their terpene count on the lab report.
A Grade AA brand has the highest standard in CBD oils that has the maximum terpene/terpenoid and cannabinoid count. This grade has a golden oil color and has the most waxes and fats and chlorophyll removed without denaturing and over processing their hemp.

Most companies will fall into category B - I would estimate 98% of cbd oil companies are in category B. There are so many different companies popping out of the woodwork trying to get a piece of the cbd oil industry pie. Sadly, most are just midgrade, nothing special. Nothing great. (This will include most non-pioneer brands and basically all the other companies that do not follow the practices of the higher grades of CBD oil).
It’s SUPER easy to tell if a company actually has a grade A/AA CBD oil. Everyone should know this! There are THREE ways to tell:

1. Look right on the bottle. No company that is actually paying more for higher quality, more expensive, CO2 extracted at low temperatures is going to forget to make it easy to find their lab report. If a bottle of CBD oil is really high quality it will not hide their manufacturing processes. If it doesn’t they are private labeling, it usually will not have this report.

2. Every company that has summer grown field harvested CBD should have proof of this. Any company that actually is using these growing practices and not using synthetic CBD should show it to anyone who asks to see it. So call ANY company who claims to have their own hemp farms and ask them to see the certificate of their fields for pesticides, growth hormones, and herbicides. If they can’t or won’t produce it, you can be SURE they don’t have this, and they don’t have the highest quality. Companies like this confuse and deceive the consumer to make more money. Disgraceful!)

----------NOTE: Once they cannot produce this document, EVERY company is then very quickly going to tell you why their essential oils are better than or cleaner than organic (they’re not - it’s just their excuses and justifications). They will try to convince you that their non organic oils are better in some way than certified organic oils. Don’t believe them. Think of it like this -- if you were in another country and a man came up to you and said, hey, I can sell you a Rolex watch for super cheap. He then opens up his coat and shows you lots of very fancy watches. They don’t actually have the name Rolex on them….but he tells you “these are very bit as good as Rolex” or “these are better quality than Rolex”. If you believe this man, then you can believe that there are better than or higher quality than organic essential oils. There aren’t. Certified organic essential oils are going to be the cleanest, most pure essential oils available. You want the real deal. THEY ARE BETTER!

3. Every company that sells organic hemp products also has a certifying agency who is in charge of regulating and inspecting the company to make sure they are actually selling organic materials. You can ask ANY company who claims to have organic products who their organic certifying agency is, and they must tell you. If a company doesn’t have an organic certifying agency, then they don’t have organic products.
These are the simple, easy three ways to tell if a company really has organic cbd oils.

Hope this helps you rate, review, and grade cbd oil companies better.

If you have any questions, just call me or email. Seth 1-866-998-2977

Danish VS Dutch VS Czech
I only consider these 3 countries if not buying in the domestic USA
Each country is known for it's own varieties. Talk to someone who knows the difference.
Learn which is the best type for you here.
Free Samples
Below are the brands that I have samples of.
Take my quiz and I will send a sample of one of the brands based on your answers. Take the CBD QUIZ HERE.
Green Garden CBD
Green Garden is a Texas-based manufacturer that sources most of its hemp from the Netherlands - there are many large, well established growers and processors in Netherlands, with their long tradition of legalized hemp use. It takes a lot of skill to blend the concentrated CBD into a homogeneous product. Green Garden is in glycerin.
Charlotte's Web CBD Oil
​Charlotte’s Web CBD OIL IS grown in the USA. Many people want USA grown for the stronger constituents grown at higher altitudes. (Colorado). 
This is a mid/hi priced brand that does have 3rd party lab tests. This company always answers their phones. Most people say the same after comparing this brand to the other Colorado brand.
See Charlotte's Web CBD REVIEW
HempLucid oils come from hemp grown in Colorado - they use dewaxed full spectrum oils extracted with CO2 for better absorption and broad effect - there are CBD, but also CBG, CBN, and other cannabinoids. The product has to be certified below 0.3 percent THC to be legal to be shipped out of Colorado. It has a hempy flavor and taste.
See Hemp Lucid CBD Oil Review
Real Scientific Hemp Oil RSHO
RSHO oils have been one of the early entries - pioneers of the CBD market. The hemp they use is grown in Northern Europe from a selected hemp cultivar that grows well in colder climate. As all hemp in Europe, it is grown in a regulated way, free of herbicides & pesticides. It'sextracted with CO2. They make a version that is zero THC, not just below the 0.3% limit.
​plusCBD is unique in that they control their entire production process from seed to product, testing each batch for quality at a reasonable price. Their Gold Formula is refined into a clear paste that can be used both topically and internally. Besides the drops and sprays they also have capsules, paste, balm and soft gels.
See PLUS CBD OIL Page Here
We need reviews. Below you will see how so many people right now are confused on how to use CBD. We do our best to help people learn how to use CBD rectally. Rectally is the 2nd fastest way after vaping it to absorb CBD. See our video below. Free samples if you do a video. Any brand. 
We need reviews. Below you will see how so many people right now are confused on how to use CBD. I don't like to do oral as it takes so long. See our video below on how to best use CBD orally. Free samples if you do a video. Any brand.
Injecting CBD gets it into the bloodstream even faster than vaping it or inserting it in the rectum. So many people are afraid of needles but want the fastest results. We try to help people get their first experience with CBD. I never knew so many people were afraid of a little needle.
Vaping CBD it is the 2nd fastest way to absorb it. Infusing the vaporizer also is a game changer. This is the most popular way to use CBD. Raising the voltage of the CBD makes a night and day difference. The fastest atomizer should lower the CBD cluster size the most. See my videos on my CBD voltage page.

Raw CBD vs Cooked CBD
There are benefits to totally raw CBD that Cooked CBD has, and vice versa. Most important page on this site to consider - here
CBD Crystals VS CBD Oil
Over 90% of the people will buy CBD from CBD crystals partly because over 90% of the dealers are using 99% CBD crystals. CBD crystals are not full spectrum. CBD crystals have lost the volatile terpenes and terpenoids that are expensive to extract and many companies don't get good enough pricing on hemp unless they are either super rich and can afford to buy such large volumes of hemp to get their price lower or they own their hemp fields. Farmers are not likely to sell over millions of acres of fields to new CBD companies.

CBD Oil that has the waxy, earthy, hemp taste that is not in crystal form is the most natural. CD crystals are only good for one market and consumer base and is never the type I recommend to my customers. If someone doesn't want CBG, CBC and CBN and the terpenes to be denatured or filtered out then I urge people to study the different grades of CBD oil (Grade AA to Grade C).

For those who want to review CBD crystals to CBD oil, I urge people to try free samples of both types.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD OILS
​BLUEBIRD BOTANICALS CBD oil one of the more popular brands. Another pioneer in 2012. They are not as pricey as some of the more expensive CBD brands but for the price most people that I've sent samples to all say the same thing in common. They also has 3rd party lab results for their CBD.
See Bluebird Botanicals Review Here

...because every CBD Oil company says theirs is the best
Ask for Seth
Take the CBD Oil Quiz
Ask for Beth
Take the CBD Oil Quiz
Free samples of CBD Oil. For those who want to review different brands I offer free samples. Take my quiz and I will send you samples of the top 2 or 3 brands based on your answers. I offer this for those doing a review to help my website.
Today's Special freebies
​At Cost specials to first time people coming to my site

GaiaThera CBD Oils
​GaiaThera is made with alcohol extraction from hemp grown organically in Czech Republic - yielding a very rich profile of cannabinoids and terpenes that is different from oils made with CO2 extraction. The drops come out from am integrated spout when you squeeze the bottle.
See GaiaThera CBD Oil Review
Endoca is a solid company from Denmark. They grow their own hemp, and they extract by super-critical CO2 extraction process. They are compliant with all the European regulations, which makes their product consistent and reliable. They make both raw & decarboxylated versions of their products, so you get to choose what works best for you.
Dixie Botanicals CBD OILS
​Dixie Botanicals is available in Colorado as full spectrum with THC, and across the country with the CBD-only products, in drops or balm. They have been around since the beginning of the CBD coming to market. They import the raw material and manufacture in USA - they use the same source as the RSHO brand.
This is the oldest brand on the market that I have found.
Pure Spectrum is another CBD company that makes "organic" hemp oil. They also use Cobalt Blue bottles that blocks the UV. (I take it a step further and put it in Miron Violet glass bottles). Pure Spectrum is one of the few companies that has certified organic CBD.
Pure Spectrum CBD REVIEW

Blue Moon CBD
Blue moon CBD is the brand most people will see at smoke shops.They are at just about every vape expo. They own the hemp fields and millions of dollars worth of extraction equipment. They are the farmers that run their company. They gladly offer a Certificate of analysis with any bottle.
See my Blue Moon CBD page
Isodiol CBD
This brand ties with the most expensive brand on my site. This probably has the most varied terpenes and constituents of the top 3 brands I've reviewed. This brand seems to get mentioned more from chiropractors that I talk to. This company was one of the first few companies that started out and is one of the largest players on the market.

See my Isodiol CBD Oil Review here
Green Roads CBD
Green Roads CBD was one of the first companies I tried CBD from. The bottle I have was a bit cloudy and seemed more potent. Some people like the ultra purified golden oil and some people don't mind a less purified oil that has more constituents intact. This is a popular brand among health practitioners. Not a pioneer but they are becoming a big brand.
Green Roads CBD Oil Review Here

Creating Better Days brand was the first company to tell me they do a lab analysis on every batch. I like how they use mct coconut oil instead of fractionated. They claim to make their cbd in a sterile room which I haven't heard anyone do.

Creating Better Days Review
Which CBD oil brands best serves You? I compile useful information to help people make a better decision.
My goal with this one was to see if their prices were really justified to other same strength oils. This is the most expensive brand when I was comparing milligram to milligram CBD percentage to any other brand. I felt the biggest difference on the lower strengths on this brand compared to other full spectrum brands at the same dose.
cGMP ISO Level 7 with COA
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We have now reviewed every brand on this site and have video reviews.
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+CBD is the brand that was the most popular brand
found in health food stores around the country. We called and found out why stores started with different brands and ended up selling other brands.

#1 most popular - +CBD
#2 Endoca - Almost tied in stores we called with +CBD
#3 CW (Charlotte's Web)

Most Important message on this site.
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​Natural Xtract CBD oils is one of the brands that is mostly found in health food stores. Natural Xtract is known for their 1500mg CBD soft gels. This is one of the brands that is close to reserve grade that I have found
See Natural Xtract Review
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