7 Questions I ask so I know my CBD is not bunk
Note: when I ask these questions certain companies get suspicious that I know too much and think I'm a competitor manufacturer. They were like, "who are you working for", as if I am trying to get inside information on another company. I'm doing a freaking review so I can sell your product you idiot.

CBD question 1: 
What % concentration do you want? 3% is considered the lowest and 30% the highest. Most level 1 grade companies tend to overcook and use higher pressure to extract CBD. The higher the percentage the stronger it will be but I prefer a more "raw" type that is closer to nature. The highest grade CBD oils use lower yielding extraction methods and is the most expensive per gram of CBD.

​CBD question 2: Know if getting CBD from low or high altitude fields
I always find out if the staple of the CBD is grown in fields at least 1200 feet above sea level. The slower the hemp is grown the more it can suck up nutrients from the ground and get more sun. I prefer the hemp from Europe as that is where most of the higher altitude hemp is grown. Northern Europe has the most organic high altitude fields and there are a few other places but not as many.

​CBD question 3: 
I always ask what temperature they use to process their CBD. I also want to know the pressure that is used. If they won't tell me then I won't use their product. Some of these companies are like why does it matter.. our stuff works. That is not a good enough answer for me. Note: some of the best CBD DOES use a higher pressure but also use a very low temperature but not so high of a pressure that the CBD is denatured. I get the best feedback from brands that have CBD in its most raw state. There are only a few brands that have truly raw CBD.

​CBD Question 4: Ask if the oils have been irradiated.  I always ask if the oils are protected especially when being shipped to states that mandatory irradiate in certain cities. (I make sure I know whether the CBD is being shipped by UPS or USPS. Only those getting CBD in certain cities have to be worried about irradiation. I do not want the terpene strains can be denatured if irratediated.

CBD question 5: Ask if the CBD is shipped cool
I always ask for my CBD to put in with ice backs if I know the CBD will sit in a hot UPS truck or will be over 65 degrees during shipping. During the summer, I have even asked to use dry ice. Many companies will not help me when I ask for this.

CBD question 6: Ask how they price their CBD at wholesale. 
If too cheap for the same dosage, then it raises a red flag to me. Getting high quality oils at 50% off market price: A truly organic CBD oil grown and processed at the highest full spectrum levels would be priced fairly and never at 50% off even if a customer was buying pallets of cases at a time. So when companies offer me these crazy discounts its a big red flag to me. The discounts will never be large like the companies that get 80% off the market price on CBD from depleted fields and processed cheaply. If a company is getting 60 to 65% off themselves, they usually will give about 20 to 30% off. It is hard to be fooled as a wholesale buyer after being in the aromatherapy business for many years.
Note: if a 1000mg bottle cost 80% off the price of another brand that has the same 1000mg's, I would want to find out if the CBD was made in a lab because hemp grown in fields has a certain market value.
Cobalt Bottles
Miron Bottles
Storage test with chives - The sample stored in MIRON violet glass for 3 months shows no color change. The smell of the chives stored in MIRON violet glass was also clearly stronger and fresher.
Once I get my CBD oil I immediately switch it out in Miron Violet glass bottles. Most companies don't use these as they are too expensive to use. I get them wholesale through an essential oil supplier so they are more affordable. For those that want these I can offer them at my cost. I go to UPS or the post office almost every single day. Let me know on my Free Sample page if you want any of these bottles at my cost.
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Amber Bottles
Hemp naturally growing in the hot sun in the summer. In the winter hemp is grown in greenhouses. High altitude grown hemp in Colorado can have a different constituent profile than CBD from lower altitudes.
Some companies use LED lights while others use natural day light in their green houses. LED even though it is not natural sun light is better than the lab made CBD.
It is more expensive to find real estate that will give the most sun for growing hemp. A lot of the hemp grown to make CBD are done in basements that never get sun from nature. I urge people to try to see the differences in naturally grown hemp vs hemp that never has gotten any sunlight.

Bunk CBD oils - beware of old supply. Unless it is drop shipped directly from the manufacturer or a distributor is selling the same supply with the same expiration date.. BEWARE DONT BUY BUNK OILS. If trying to save money and someone is selling it 50% off (which is the typical discount many people get), some are selling it this cheap because its 50% of the product has lost its value in the bottle. If the dealer (which hopefully will be me) has the the same expiration date as the manufacturer's, then it is a good deal. also, to make sure the dates are not fake, make sure the batch number matches the expiration date too.

So, many manufacturer's sell their oils in bulk by the case. I co-op my orders with other dealers so I can get a bulk price and still keeping my stock fresh. It really pisses me off when companies tried to discount to me and sell me 6 month old stash.

Note: many companies say their CBD shelf life lasts up to 3 years. This means that all the constituents will be deactivated after 3 years. Also, once the bottle is opened, then the shelf life is up to a year if left in the refrigerator.

Note: I do NOT recommend freezing CBD. I would rather have less constituents than have more that are frozen.

Pricing CBD at wholesale
​Note: CBD is cheaper from the summer months when it is more abundant and more expensive during the winter where it is grown in greenhouses. Hemp plants also produce way more terpenes and other constituents in the hot summer season.

Note: if a company is giving me 50% off the retail price as a dealer and their product does not have all the lab testing and practices that the lower margin companies have, then that means they are working on a 30% margin since they are getting 80% of as the manufacturer. This is for hemp grown in fields in the summer.

Note: if a Cbd manufacturer is going to give me 60% off the retail (40 to 50% off their retail is the normal volume wholesale), that means they are getting 80% off and working on a 20% margin. This means to me that they are selling level 1 grade quality (I refer to this on my home page). Most MLM CBD companies I've found are selling level 1 grade and very seldomly selling level 2 grade CBD oil.

Beware of lab produced CBD that is synthetic that is sold for the same price as farm grown CBD.
Notice to consumers. The best CBD I've found does not wholesale their CBD at all to dealers. I am not saying that all the white label brands and wholesalers are selling CBD that is just average but the majority of the companies that wholesale their CBD are usually not level 4 or level 5 CBD grade. I personally dont use any over the counter brands. I pay actually more for my CBD oil than all the expensive brands that many people complain about that is too expensive. I don't put a price on the rare tropical CBD strains that I know work for me. If a company is going to wholesale their cbd to anyone that equires at 50% off, why not just sell it for that on the site. I hope this business doesn't get any shadier.

The companies that sell "seasonal" varieties of CBD and sell on the high end market never discount their CBD oils. It's like going to a club and some guy offers you 50% off the drug he is selling just because he thinks you are cool.

​Note: There are 5 main strains. One hemp strain will give a buyer the best price compared to buying from different growers that have multiple strains. I always ask if the hemp farm has multiple strains of hemp, not just one type of hemp. Farmers have to decide if they want the easiest to grow and sell it cheaper or grow harder, low yielding hemp and take up more land and get less CBD and have to sell it for more. The full spectrum companies that have the biggest budgets end up getting most of the supply (tropical varieties).

It is more time consuming and costly to grow low yield hemp varieties but these are the type that usually have the most constituents. It might take 5 times as many flowers to produce the same CBD as a common strain that is easier to grow.

Note: if CBD oil is made from isolate, it will not have a hemp taste. Synthetic also doesn't have the hemp taste. This is another way I can tell if CBD is made artificially in a lab. I won't put synthetic cannabinioids in my body. What may be even worse that synthetic CBD in a law is hemp grown in fields that uses fertilizers and growth hormones. It is much cheaper to grow industrial hemp and get a higher yield when using growth hormones that I make sure I avoid.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: For Distributors and Dealers I work with that want to buy from me

Most people wanting to buy CBD from me contact me that just want to make extra income. I will not wholesale any of my CBD products to those that are not willing to do a review. I can get nearly every brand because different brands are good for certain things. Some companies make truly raw CBD while others use lower temperatures. The market is getting very cluttered and so many people want to resell without any experience. Like people are telling people what dosages to take without any experience.

Also, many companies will sell wholesale to anyone on the first call if the volume is high enough and if their brand really had a reputation, they would be very selective. The true pioneer brands that do over 100 million dollars a month, there is no chance of getting 50% off on a first call. I'm not going to mention company names but the places that gave me 50% off and even 70% off their inflated markups were selling junk and lab produced CBD. I'm not an idiot. They were trying to sell me CBD they were getting 90% off and trying to sell me some bunk supply. Meanwhile, these internet stores had no reputation and only had an email contact on their site.

Real CBD that actually has un-denatured constituents that was processed at very little to no heat comes at a high price tag, especially field grown hemp in the summer unless its a really expensive tropical variety grown in greenhouses that most field owners don't want to grow as they want to maximize the profits from their acres of land. Some of the corn field owners that now ditched their corn and grow hemp will probably never go back to growing corn.

I truly believe in the Law of Reciprocal Exchange..or Fair Energy Exchange. Not just between Salespeople and Customers…but also paying respect to where the REAL resources came from, which is of course the Earth. Another way of what I’m trying to say is that CBD for many individuals and companies has become just another means to exchange money that is usually unbalanced in favor of the companies and salespeople. 

If the right CBD products are introduced into a person’s life and they achieve a new level of wellness, then this means that with this more balanced consciousness they will help bring greater balance and take greater care of the Source of their healing….The Planet. Bring the appreciation back to where it is truly due…I am just a servant along the way care for this product for a short time before passing them forward to you. But I did not create these powerful elements. 

To have a more far exchange on the human to human level this means acknowledging what I just shared and being humble. This is why I send out the free samples because this is a way to level the playing field and help people use their intuition and discernment more and feel out which plant medicine will be right for them. 

And yes I am a believer in Karma…I do believe that just pushing someone into a particular product for selfish Greed (core intention) is the Cause and it will yield an Effect of consequence. These sales people may earn a lot of money with their imbalanced games but they are unconsciously not aware of the harm they are causing themselves.  

As far as the wholesale structure goes…There is not anything that imbalanced in the structure itself..it actually leaves many opportunities to collaborate with others. But just like any system people can exploit it and use it for their own selfish agendas and if those people do not have a clear understanding of Cause and Effect then potentially getting wholesale discounts just like anything can become a destructive system to the environment. 

One thing I do different in my business is put much of my profit into free samples. It goes into the labor involved, the product costs themselves, bottle costs, and postage. I also have to feed those who help me raw super foods like chia seeds and goji berries and super green drinks! For even those who handle the samples can pass along any bad energy into them if they are not in a healthy happy space. Ultimately this product should carry the pure energy of Nature if possible to be the most healing and trans formative.

How we work and who we are looking for
We get calls pretty often to our site from people wanting to sell cbd and use our wholesale leverage. 

To start with, if you work with us, you either have to review the various brands as you get educated or you will not get access to our pricing.

When people call us they look to us like consultants for the industry knowing that we have a balanced knowledge about various brands and are not just sales people trying to push one brand of CBD. So those on our team should be also educated in an unbiased way and have a sincere desire to help others create and choose the best selection for their customer's unique needs. 

The other unique thing about working on our team is that our associates and distributors have access to nearly 50 other alternative health products and equipment at wholesale prices. When we help health practitioners very often they are interested in other types of health products and equipment. I wish that CBD products could completely help a person heal, but usually they will require several lifestyle changes as well as incorporating a protocol utilizing other types of health products/equipment.

For example, someone on my team was talking some time ago with a health practitioner who specialized in treating people with Lyme Disease and was utilizing certain therapeutic grade product to kill the pathogens, but then needed equipment that would help aid in flushing the lymphatic system, raise the Zeta potential of the blood, lower the Redox potential, and reduce inflammation.

I am still needing more support on my team, but I want the right people. I have spent the last 3 months going to trade shows, expos, etc. looking for the key people who really get what we are all about here. I also get calls on a daily basis so again before you call get familiar with what we are about and take that day to think about what you could contribute and also have some questions prepared so we can make the best of our time talking together. We are all on the phones all day or busy sending out samples so please send a quick email with Subject: Interested in Joining The Team and let me know what times you would be available to speak. 



If you want to be collaborate with me then please share with me what kind of skills or creative ideas you want to bring to the table and we can discover how it might help the industry and others.
Contact me here


Some CBD oils are flow freely at room temperature and some don't. Most of the uncooked brands (CBDa) are not filtered and the calcification settles to the bottom and are not as free flowing. When the settlement on the bottom is shaken, not all of the constituents are suspended and this can effect the dosage accuracy.
​The oils that do not have the golden amber color that is the most desired with most people do not need to warm the bottle up in warm water to separate it. Some brands are hard to get the bottom sediment out and is a hassle to put it in a bowl of warm water to loosen everything up.

...because every CBD Oil company says theirs is the best
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Take the CBD Oil Quiz
Free samples of CBD Oil. For those who want to review different brands I offer free samples. Take my quiz and I will send you samples of the top 2 or 3 brands based on your answers. I offer this for those doing a review to help my website.
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...because every CBD Oil company says theirs is the best
Ask for Seth
Take the CBD Oil Quiz
Ask for Beth
Take the CBD Oil Quiz
Free samples of CBD Oil. For those who want to review different brands I offer free samples. Take my quiz and I will send you samples of the top 2 or 3 brands based on your answers. I offer this for those doing a review to help my website.
Today's Special freebies
​At Cost specials to first time people coming to my site

Raw CBD vs Cooked CBD
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